Marriage – the Easiest Way to Migrate to Canada


Over half of the Canadian population is made out of the immigrant people which makes it among the easiest ways to migrate to Canada. Canada is one of the largest countries in Northern America and is also the second biggest country in the World. Over 33 million people now live in Canada. The easiest ways to migrate to Canada are the following approaches:

1. Go and marry a Canadian-born citizen:

So long as your spouse is a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen, he/she can sponsor a qualified family member to live in Canada as a permanent resident.

2. Apply for IEC (International Experience Canada):

This visa offers you one of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada and work in any profession. This can be the ticket into Canada for persons between the ages of 18 and 35.  You simply enter Canada on an open work permit, or without a job offer similar to a work permit.

However, it is a little restricting as it is accessible to people who are from select countries including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Estonia, South Korea, Taiwan, Poland and Ukraine among others.

3. Apply as the Au-Pair (Live-in Caregiver):

Real benefactors are persons who have no specific skills. A high school education will be needed, a job offer and six years training or one year experience as an au-pair to apply for this work permit.


  1. My name is Khalil is 18 years old from Kabul Please help me I lost my whole family. I have no one I have any country that I accept my father was military. I will be killed if I stay

  2. bonjour merci pour cette opportunité j’aime beaucoup le canada,surtout la ville de Vancouver donc aider moi à réaliser mon rêve de pouvoir travailler au canada et vivre la bas. merci pour la compréhension


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